voice musics

Voice is not only speech ;
it’s also a musical instrument ;
it does not only transmit words meaning things or concepts ;

it transmits also the soul and state of heart
Voice is music, the nearest music for us ; the first sound when we are born, the latest sound when we hear no more. Even in a foreign language voice speaks to us – through its melody, its rhythm, its tone…

Children’s voice particularly touches us, because it calls to mind our beginings in human comedy, our emotions without restraint, it evokes ourself.

I’ve collected a treasure of small voices, a grigris box, for which I make a musical scenery with adult’s machines which nevertheless remain toys

"Dobre Dobra"
with Pavel's voice,
a youg polish boy
"Mimoun et Zatopek"
Olympic Games in Melbourne

"Mauvais goût"
old radio speakers talk about
my own health


with a youg mongol boy's voice



the cd